BIG Update - Awards and screenings Galore! / by Adam Jones

Adam Garnet Jones Sarah Kolasky Fire Song

Hey there, everyone. There are lots of things happening this week in my world. On the day that the extended theatrical run of Fire Song was announced, I was also awarded the Youth Role Model of the Year award from the Canadian Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity.  It is a massive honour to receive an award from an organization that is doing the kind of work that so many of us would have benefitted from when we were young. Check them out and become a donor if you like what they do. Every little bit helps. My chin went on vacation, but I promise it is alive and well. I got a number of compliments on my tie, which is from Tammy Beauvais of Kahnawake. Check her out and buy her beautiful things!

And yesterday morning I learned that Fire Song won the People's Choice Award for Best Film at the Rainbow Reels Festival in Waterloo. It makes all of us proud to hear that the film is resonating with audiences, and encourages me to keep telling stories that scare me. 

And last but not least... We're going to the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian! If you happen to be in New York City on June 17th, you can catch me on stage with Andrew Martin and Harley Legarde to present the New York premiere of Fire Song. The NMAI is an incredible venue, and a wonderful opportunity to share the film with a new audience. There will also be shopping because... NYC, right?