Story Editing


Story is king. The phrase might be cliché, but it's truer now than ever before. When audiences go to see films or choose a series on Netflix, it's because they are compelled by the story and the characters. I love working with writers, directors and producers to rediscover and build upon the core of what excites them about a project. 

Although I work primarily as a writer and director, I have worked with other filmmakers for over a decade, helping them to develop their stories. Recently, I worked as a story editor on season 1 of APTN's Mohawk Girls. 

I offer a range of services, starting with script reading and delivery of written notes, one on one meetings at crucial stages in the writing, or more intensive ongoing story editing from treatment to final draft. 

Please contact me for more detailed information and rates:


Adam Garnet Jones introducing his film, Fire Song at TIFF 2015